On Tuesday, October 15, The Center for Higher Education Leadership launches our big iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign. iFundWomen, a platform dedicated just to women-founded start-ups, helps women-led businesses like ours get the funding they need to grow.

Why crowdfunding?

“According to data from PitchBook, female founders received 2.2% of $130 billion in VC funding in 2018. The number of deals completed by female founders is growing, though the percentage of money going to these companies remains stagnant as the total amount of VC investment increases.” (Hinchliffe, 2019)

“…businesses with women of color CEOs get less than 1 percent of all VC funding every year. Of all VC funding over the past decade, Latinx women-led startups have raised only 0.32 percent while black women have raised only .0006 percent.” (Gaillot, 2018)

Those are pretty grim statistics, but the statistics regarding the crisis in higher ed are just as bleak.

crisis in higher ed infographic

Can we count on you to help us? You know that leadership needs professional development and support. Help us by contributing to our campaign and by sharing it with your networks. Every dollar counts, and so does visibility.

Gaillot, A.-D. (2019, May 22). The Venture Capital World Has A Serious Problem With Women Of Color. Retrieved from https://www.girlboss.com/identity/venture-capital-woc-women-of-color.

Hinchliffe, E. (2019). In 2018, All Female Founders Put Together Got $10 Billion Less Than Juul. Retrieved 13 October 2019, from https://fortune.com/2019/01/28/funding-female-founders-2018/


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