In a plaza learning about wells

Our day started off with a walk to the mask making shop and we learned about wells in Venice – most squares or plazas have wells to collect rain water, as well as places where flood waters can come through so they don’t destabilize the supports under the islands. At the mask shop, we learned about different techniques for painting masks and had the opportunity to paint our own masks. It was very fun watching the kids play around with the paints and try different approaches to their masks.

The mask shop


Terri decided to try a sun and moon mask – not bad for a non-artist


We wore aprons to avoid getting paint on our clothes


Everyone was able to choose a mask that they liked, there were lots of different styles.


There were lots of colors to choose from

The next set of pictures is from the Doges Palace, a very opulent place where the leaders of Venice lived until the city/state was conquered by Napoleon. There were many beautiful rooms, showing off the wealth of Venice and the many artists who provided their talents to decorate the palace. We also saw the place where prisoners were kept, and the bridge of sighs that led to the prison cells. We also visited St. Mark’s cathedral, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures. It is an amazing space, filled with mosaics that took 400 years to complete.
DSC_0120 DSC_0121 DSC_0126 DSC_0127

After our visit to the Palace and the Cathedral we were able to ride on gondolas.


A beautiful sunset ended our day.