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About Terri

Terri Givens has been a visionary leader since early in her career in higher education, from founding and directing the Center for European Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, to leading the university’s efforts in Mexico and Latin America as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Curriculum and International Activities. In her most recent position as Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Menlo College she has led faculty and staff in developing programs for first generation students, updating curriculum and instituting infrastructure for new evidence-based assessment tools.  She has forged ties with community organizations that focus on college opportunities for disadvantaged youth and diversity in Silicon Valley. Terri is a strong advocate for access to higher education and developing the tools for student success that will ensure that a wide range of students continue to find opportunities in higher education.


The landscape of education is undergoing dramatic changes. Terri Givens provides analysis and support to educational institutions and ed tech companies who are developing and adopting new technologies and innovations in education.  She provides strategies that are designed to address the challenges that changing demographics are creating for the industry with innovative approaches that focus on student success, faculty and student retention, inclusion and access to education. Assessment driven outcomes are critical for schools and universities that want to find ways to adopt new technologies to personalize learning environments, providing easy to use tools for teachers and students.




Terri Givens was on the leading edge of political scientists studying anti-immigrant radical right parties in the 1990s, and has published regularly on immigration politics and anti-discrimination policy in Europe and the U.S. She is a highly regarded speaker, attending forums in the European Union, and the German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum, as well as being on media outlets ranging from the BBC, to NPR to local news outlets. A sought-after expert, she has lectured and served on panels at international and national conferences on topics as diverse as immigration politics, the radical right, minorities, the globalization of public policy and how to manage life in academia.




Terri Givens is the author/editor of many books and articles on immigration policy, European politics and security, including Voting Radical Right in Western Europe, Immigration Policy and Security and Immigrant Politics: Race and Representation in Western Europe. Her most recent book is Legislating Equality: The Politics of Antidiscrimination Policy in Europe (Oxford University Press, May 2014). She is developing a textbook on comparative immigration politics, and is working on a manuscript on the historical connections between Europe and the U.S. on racism and immigration control.




Terri Givens draws on her experience as a first-generation college student to develop solutions for colleges that are seeking to enhance enrollment and develop programs to support students from diverse backgrounds. Her experience as a professor underpins her understanding of college faculties and their needs in developing curriculum. Her experience in overseeing curriculum at a large public university and small private college give her insight into the potential for innovation and faculty development. She is a mentor to students, faculty and entrepreneurs who are looking to work with educational institutions.


With experience at one of the largest public universities in the country, to one of the smallest private colleges with AACSB accreditation, Dr. Givens has a wealth of experience to help a range of institutions and companies manage a variety of issues related to accreditation, curriculum and student success. She has written a great deal on her experiences in administration and has mentored many faculty as they enter the administrative ranks.


As an experienced researcher, Terri Givens can do the deep dive and help institutions and companies understand best practices and how they relate to particular problems. As a political scientist, she understands regulatory environments in the U.S. and Europe, as well as the politics that can play out in regard to educational institutions and within institutions.


Having started a business of her own (Take Back the Trail), Terri Givens understands start-up culture, and the need to develop customers who are a good fit for a company’s products and services.


Terri has been a community leader and advocate, working in the nonprofit sector after completing her degree at Stanford University. She has been a director on several nonprofit boards, including KLRU-TV in Austin, the Austin Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, PTA and Fit kids. She has supported many causes, including women’s health and fitness, health research, and children’s safety.


As a researcher in European Politics and Vice-Provost for International Activities, Terri Givens has developed a wealth of knowledge of issues related to cross-cultural competency, political culture, multinational corporations, impacts of globalization, and immigration. Fluent in French and German, she has spent a great deal of time in European capitols and Latin America, gaining an understanding of the differences in educational institutions and approaches to education that can help fuel innovation. leadership, research, writing, analyzing institutional impacts on immigration and integration policy, problem-solving, quantitative analysis, networking, mentorship, community outreach, international affairs, public speaking, and public relations.

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Diverse thoughts is a blog that explores a range of issues from higher education to mental health, to political topics that are in the news. Terri often explores her own experiences as a way to share career advice as well as the challenges facing women of color in the workplace.

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