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Immigration in the 21st Century – The Comparative Politics of Immigration Policy

Immigration remains a contentious issue, not only in American politics, but around the globe. The authors describe the way that immigrants are integrated, their ability to become citizens, and their role in democratic politics. This broad-ranging yet concise book allows students to gain a better understanding of the complexities of immigration politics and the political forces defining policy today.

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What Readers Say

Some kind words from respected leaders

James F. Hollifield Southern Methodist University and Global Fellow Wilson Center

“A brilliant, comprehensive textbook on the comparative politics of immigration―a tour de force. Easily accessible and highly readable, this book sets the standard for the field and will be used in classes across the globe.”

James F. Hollifield, Southern Methodist University and Global Fellow, Wilson Center

Daniel J. Tichenor University of Oregon

“Immigration in the 21st Century provides an engaging and comprehensive introduction to immigration politics and policy. Taking readers from North America to Europe and Australia, this book is impressive in its sweep, clarity, and insight.”

Daniel J. Tichenor, University of Oregon

Jeannette Money University of California―Davis

“Givens and her colleagues bring a comparative approach to their presentation, allowing students to understand the variation in policy choices across countries. This will be the text of choice for students as it describes the centrality of political decisions in governing international migration flows today.”

Jeannette Money, University of California―Davis

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