Intro to Radical Empathy

Intro to Radical Empathy is a ground-breaking course based on the work of a leading anti-racism expert and internationally recognized scholar Dr. Terri E. Givens. The course takes learners on a powerful journey uncovering a landscape of discrimination, racism, and injustice largely delivered via Terri’s story and inspired by her latest book “Radical Empathy: Finding a Path to Bridging Racial Divides.

Start Date: August 15th

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It is a transformative experience leading learners on a journey via the six steps to Radical Empathy, which are:

Terri Givens Book Cover Radical

Radical Empathy

With structural racism impacting the lives of African Americans in the United States since before the country’s founding, political scientist Terri Givens calls for ‘radical empathy’ – moving beyond an understanding of others’ lives and pain to understand the origins of our biases.

A powerful topic, Dr. Terri Givens has also created the Radical Empathy course, powered by Cahoot Learning, to bring about real change within organizations and workplaces.

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Cahoot is a leading global digital workforce solutions provider that helps organisations create transformative learning experiences, drive deep engagement and foster a culture of learning. Its platform redefines the way people learn by bringing together communities and using an Active Learning pedagogy. Cahoot is proud to be the official learning partner of Radical Empathy for its launch of the mini-course. Cahoot Learning recognises that in a world where deep divides remain, Radical Empathy serves as a powerful course that helps learners understand their origins of biases and bridge these divides. Cahoot Learning looks forward to enabling more learners to engage with Radical Empathy and take steps towards bridging our social divides.

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Dr. Terri Givens


Rhonda Brown

What Experts Say

Some kind words from respected leaders

Danielle Harlan

“For anyone looking to better understand inequality and create positive change, this is an unparalleled and once-in-a-lifetime resource.”

Danielle Harlan, Ph.D., Founder, and CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership  and Human Potential


“Radical empathy, integrating, actually requiring empathy for self along with others, and prioritization action, is exactly what our culture needs most to get closer to living our ideals.”

Elisa Camahort Page, Independent Consultant

Vincent L. Hutchings

“Givens uses her fascinating biography and her expertise to provide concrete steps on how to achieve ‘radical empathy’: adopting the perspective of others but also taking action to combat injustice.”

Vincent L. Hutchings, University of Michigan

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